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Spontanious Moments of Complete Surprise


Cambodian Accordian Playing Lawn Flamingos
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Welcome to the International Supporters of Cambodian Accordian Playing Lawn Flamingos!!!


A community for all things random in any way, shape, form, smell, etc. If you have something random to share with the world, then go ahead. We support random anything. If you want to talk about Cambodian Accordian Players that also happen to be lawn ordiments, then by all means. If you want to talk about Rabbid Bunnys with X-ray vision, then go ahead! If you want to share your pictoral documentation of a tea party with the Mad Hatter, Elenore Rosevelt, and Superman, then YES PLEASE DO!

() Don't be a janky-ho, no one likes a meanie.
() You can share pictures, but no porn, we want to keep our lunches.
() If you have more than three pictures, or the pictures are huge-ass, then please use an Lj-Cut.
() You can post icons!!
() GIVE ME MONEY...just kidding!!! : )

Thank you and have fun!!!

-The "Co-Creators"
--Lauren Buddy
----Chelsea Buddy