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random quotes between me and my dad this week while my mom was gone:

me and dad in the car:
dad: so, what do you want for dinner?
me:i dont care....hey look a wild turkey *points*
dad: turkey it is!!! *pulls into shaws*

dad: "yells at baseball game* catch the damn ball you boob!!!
me: haha, daddy you said boob:)
dad: well fine, breast then!
me: haha, daddy you said breast!:)

me: *on cell phone* dad, molly and i are going to walk to the cats pajamas and then come back here, to school, then ill call you so you can pick me up...okay?
dad: thats fine hun, ill be there in a minute!

me:i wanna get some strawberries so i can make smoothies *grabs strawberries*
dad: so, how are oyu gonna mix it all together, are oyu going ot mush all the strawberries up? daddy, i shall use our blender....
dad: we have a blender?
me:....yeah...*dumbfounded look*
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